Len Arroyo


Sr, Vice Commander/Chapter Service Officer

dav logo.jpeg

Website: https://davalamo5.org

E-Mail: larroyo7@gmail.com

Phone: (210)325-6622

Address: Alamo Chapter 5 Rolling Oaks Baptist Church

6401 Wenzel Rd. San Antonio, TX 78233

About: The DAV helps Veterans fill out and process disability and other paperwork with personell experienced with the VA and fast tracking paperwork submissions. 

Mike Barker

Heroes Sports


Heroes Sports logo.jpg

Website: https://www.HeroesSports.org

E-Mail: mbarker@heroessports.org

Phone: (832)651-7777

Address: 4514 Albert Martin San Antonio, TX 78253

About: Heroes Sports is a non-profit that incorporates sports and recreation activities to increase mental/physical health and team building. 

Jason Brooks

Levi Rodgers Group


levi rodgers group.jpg

Website: https://www.levirodgersgroup.com

E-Mail: jason@reforged.org

Phone: (210)792-4346

Address: 3522 Paesanos Parkway Suites 302 San Antonio, TX 78231

About: Jason works for the Levi Rodgers Group Real Estate. Levi Rodgers Real Estate is a Veteran owned and operated company that helps Veterans through the process of buying or selling a house with care and a lot of experience. 

Marilyn Caylor

Caylor Counseling and Consulting

Licensed Professional Counselor

caylor c and c.jpg

E-Mail: marilyn@reforged.org

Phone: (210)994-0119

Facebook: @CaylorCounseling

About: Marilyn offers counseling to Veterans and First Responders, who are residents or visitors of Texas, whether they have attended our classes or not. She is available for Family, Individual, or Couples counseling depending on the Veteran or First Responders' needs. She Specializes in P.T.S.D. and is working to complete her dissertation on trauma treatments. Sessions can be conducted by phone, internet, video call, or face-to-face. Text or phone is the best way to reach her. 

Steve Holden and Jimmy Wagner

Veteran Predator Hunters

President and Vice President

vph logo.jpg

Website: https://www.veteranpredatorhunters.com

E-Mail: steve@reforged.org 


Facebook: @vphoutdoors

About: VPH offers free hunting and fishing trips to Reforged Alumni. These events will be posted to the Reforged ALumni Facebook page and are first-come-first-serve to book. 

Andrew Kelly




Website: https://www.akdigitaldesign.com

E-Mail: info@akdigitaldesign.com

Phone: (469)321-7566

Facebook and Instagram: @andrewkellydigitaldesign

About: Andrew offers discounted digital design, photography, and web design for our Reforged Alumni. 

Victor and Jesus



Website: https://www.reforged.org

E-Mail:             victor@reforged.org                    jesus@reforged.org

Phone:             (210)517-0213                            (210)517-8854

Instagram:       @victorcaylor                              @jesuscaylor

About: Our instructors provide their information to Alumni for if you need help with a project, want to go to the forge and check if they will be there, or if you just need someone to chat with. Our instructors are best reached by phone call or text. 

Art In The Armed Forces


Non-profit resource

aitaf logo.png

Website: https://aitaf.org/about/

E-Mail: contact@aitaf.org

Phone: (646) 737-2137

Address: 220 36th Street, Unit 21, Brooklyn, NY, 11232

Facebook: @ArtsintheArmedForces

Instagram: @aitaf

About: AITAF’s mission is to use the powerful shared experience of the arts to start conversations between military and civilian, service member and family member, the world of the arts and the world of practical action. AITAF is committed to providing work and learning opportunities to veterans currently enrolled full-time in a college or university. By offering a summer housing stipend comparable to what a student might receive as part of the GI Bill, AITAF aims to create a rigorous, competitive program that offers a unique opportunity for a summer intern to relocate to New York City for the duration of the internship. AITAF also offers viewings of Broadway plays to Veterans, Active Duty, military families, and caregivers. 

Samantha Litten


Outreach Specialist

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