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Maker's Festival FAQ

Where will the event be held?

  • The event will be at the Caylor Forge and Leatherworks located next to the Pearl shopping district on the corner of W Grayson St. and E Elmira St.

  • 109 W Grayson St., San Antonio, TX 78212


What is the cost for a table?

  • The cost for a table for the weekend is $50.00 or $100.00 if you would like to be scheduled into the timeline as a demonstrator. We will be handing out maps with event timelines to draw more business to your table.


What do I get for the $100.00 table?

  • You will be placed on the demonstrator timeline to draw attention to you and we will provide active sellers to help sell your wares while you give your demonstration.


How do you pay for a table?

  • Zelle money to (210) 994-0119

  • PayPal money to

  • Cash or check to Reforged, Inc. 


How do I reserve a table? 

  • To reserve a spot, contact us at (210) 417-8111 by call or text

  • Pay your table fees- NO SPOTS are reserved until paid in full


What is the cutoff to have a table?

  • You can reserve a table up to the day before the event, Nov 18, 2022 (if available).


Is there an ATM on site?

  • No, so please be sure to get cash before coming to the event. 


Will you take credit/debit cards?

  • Different makers may take cards but to be safe you should bring cash.


What can I expect to pay for custom made products?

  • Prices will vary based off of the maker. Well known makers will charge more for their product. 


Will there be alcohol?

  • There may be vendors selling alcohol at the event. We would love for wine and beer makers to take part in our event. 


What is the expected foot traffic going to be?

  • This is a prime location with lots of daily traffic. We are expecting up to 300 people per day attending. 

What is the parking situation like?

  • Metered street parking nearby

  • Parking Garage at Pearl 0.2 miles away at 2102 Emma Koehler, San Antonio, TX 78215

  • Pearl Parking Lot 0.2 miles away at 868 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215


Will there be news coverage?

  • We are reaching out to local news stations and radio stations to get Public Service Announcements and coverage of the event. 


What is a maker?

  • A maker is someone who handcrafts goods.

  • Below are just a few we have thought of so far but don’t let our simple list keep you from having a table:

    • Bladesmiths

    • Carpenters

    • Artists

    • Metal work

    • Jewelry

    • Craft Beer

    • Wine

    • Clothing

    • Leather work

    • Sewing, crocheting, quilting

    • Painters

    • Glass Blowing


What vendors do you have coming so far? I’ve been trying to stick with the Makers title

  • History Channel’s Iron and Fire Daniel Casey - Casey Arms

  • Forged in Fire Champion Tobin Nieto - Stone Haven Knifeworks

  • Forged in Fire Champion James Helm 

  • Forged in Fire Champion Alex Ruiz - Volundr Forge

  • To The Point Blade

  • Thomas Taylor - Taylor Made Blades

  • Randy Howeter with Cigar Box Guitars

  • Jason Williams - JW Stabilized & Raw Woods

  • Forged in Fire runner up John C. Thunert

  • Robert Trout - Stomp NU

  • Reforged

  • Caylor Forge and Leatherworks

  • Thomas Stuckey - Angel Fire Knives

  • JB Knife and Tool

  • Richard Edison - Custom Cutting Boards

  • Victor Gonzales - Knife Freak Knives

  • Jon Moeller - The Rustic Vet

  • Maria Bullock - Artist

  • Jacob Estel - JRE Estel

  • Dustin Oberhauser - Liberty Bell Customs

  • Lisa Adams - Cruise Planners

  • William Spaulding - WCZ Knives

  • Sharon Kuhlman - The Bunker

  • UFC Gym

  • Chris Happley - Howling Hill Forge

  • Mel Dean - Renewal by Anderson

  • Jarred Baker - B3 Forge and Bladeworks

  • Heathen tactical Customs

  • Chanda Gaeth - Off The Grid Ranch Art

  • Ken Gardner - JB Goodwin Realtors

  • Brigham Doane - Exiled Artifacts

  • OP Veteran


Are there sponsors for the event?

  • Yes, they are listed below:

    • Mother’s Window Tint

    • Caylor Forge and Leatherworks

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