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Together We Are Reforged

Reforged is a Veteran operated charitable organization created for the purpose of supporting Veterans and First Responders with activities that promote peer to peer support and connections with counseling services. We rely on the support of our donors, volunteers, and kindness of our sponsors to reach our mission goals.

Peer to Peer


Making Knives, Saving Lives

A sense of purpose together with a peer to peer support system is key to recovery. All of our programs exist to help alumni increase their support network. Alumni volunteer to support one another. Someone in the Reforged family is available every day to talk to people who need support. 


Trying to Shape a Sharper Future

We openly hide and integrate a peer support program into the webbings of our blacksmithing classes. The blacksmithing class is used to draw interest for the program, but Reforged's goal is to create a peer support network of likeminded individuals. Every portion of the blacksmithing class has metaphors that can be used for overcoming adversity and seeking support. Our goal is not only to support our alumni in making a knife, but also to find a place where they feel at home. We open the forge up to alumni once they come through the class with the mindset that what's ours is theirs, and welcome them back with open arms. 


The Ties that Bind Us

The leatherworking program teaches alumni to make sheaths for their knives and provides a new class environment once the knife making is done. Alumni are also able to make other fun projects at cost. 

Jewelry Making

Repurposing Our Hands

Reforged offers a free jewelry making class to Vets, First Responders, and spouses. The class expands the support to those who support their Vets and First Responders on a daily basis. Jewelry making is a day class that allows alumni to come out same day with a handmade craft that can be used daily or as a gift.

Art Program

Creating Something Beautiful Together

Talented volunteers come forth to offer a variety of art activities and classes for all alumni. These classes provide the opportunity for people to gather, learn new skills, and expand their network in a new setting. 

Special Events

Forging a Family

Reforged alumni are able to gather every month for family dinner or other Reforged family events. Some of the most difficult times  our alumni may experience are anniversaries and holidays, and the Reforged Family provides support so our alumni do not have to face these challenges alone. 


You Are Not Alone

Reforged offers free counseling services to our Veterans and First Responders. We have licensed health professionals available to support our Reforged Family.

We provide counseling services with a trusting relationship in mind and do not report to government agencies. Alumni do not have to worry about jeopardizing careers or facing judgement. 

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