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Mission Statement

To provide Veterans and First Responders a sense of community by forging new relationships and sharing experiences.

Vision Statement

Reforged strives to facilitate the building of connections among Veterans and First Responders through meaningful interactions with a focus on mental health and well being.

Mission Statement

Meet The Directors


Marilyn Caylor

Executive Director

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Marilyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She works with many clients to overcome symptoms related to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  She is currently earning her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision.

She is also seeking certification in biofeedback.

Chad Caylor.jpg

MSG (Ret.) Chad Caylor


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Chad served 16.5 years in the U.S. Army and 2.5 years in the Nebraska National Guard.  He served two tours in Iraq, a year in Korea, and two years at the National Training Center. By day Chad is a Process Engineer.  On the weekend he is a Reforged mentor and blacksmith.

Jason Brooks_edited.jpg

MSG (Ret.) Jason Brooks


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Jason is a retired combat Veteran and Paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. He served in the U.S. Army for 20 years and deployed three times as a combat medic.  He currently works as a Realtor with the Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group in San Antonio, Texas.

Steve Holden_edited.jpg

1SG (Ret.) Steven Holden


VPH President

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    Steve is a highly decorated Soldier that served over 20 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic.   He deployed five times during his service to his country and is a combat wounded and driven warrior. Steve is the winner of Season 1 of “The Calling” and a voting member of the Reforged Nonprofit Board.  He believes in the mission of  Reforged and has personally witnessed the healing that happens here!

Jimmy Jiggs_edited.jpg

SFC (Ret.) James Wagner


VPH Vice President

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James (aka Jimmy Jiggs) served 14.5 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic. He did two tours to Iraq and held a myriad of positions from sniper sections to hospitals.

He is invaluable as a community liaison and helps procure many donations of equipment and supplies. Jimmy has a passion for learning and craftsmanship, his ingenuity can be seen all over the shop. His belief in helping others heal and grow is what makes Reforged such a special place. 


SPC (Ret.) Joe Calvey


Mother's Window Tint Owner

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Joe served from 1975-78 as an Active Duty Photographer. Joe is one of our earliest Alumni to come through our Reforged program. He is the owner of Mother's Window Tint and one of the kindest people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

Meet The Officers & Advisors

Stephanie Hampshire

Legal Advisor


Sabrina Caylor

Executive Assistant

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Sabrina is an Army brat. She is also a budding blacksmith and leather worker. In addition to meeting minutes, drafting important documents and everything paperwork related, Sabrina responds to emails and messages, manages the website, and maintains our social media.


SFC (Ret.) Rick Edison

Reforged Officer

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"Chef" Rick is our Master of the Grill. He served 17 years in the Army and as a 19D Calvary Scout. Some people are known for making a mean brisket. In our opinion, Chef can blow them all away. He is never left off the list for the potluck. Chef Rick and his wife have opened their home to hosting Alumni Dinners and have become a routine part of the Reforged Classes. 


Jarryn Robinson


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Jarryn is an Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She also teaches counseling classes at UTSA. She is a wonderful and caring person.

 Scales of Justice
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Stephanie keeps us in check and thinks of all of the important stuff the rest of us forget about.

Meet The Instructors


SRA (Ret.) Victor Caylor

Head Instructor

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Victor served four years in the Air Force as a comm. nav. specialist on the KC-135 aircraft. Victor likes to make rustic "purdy blades". He specializes in hunting and camping knives with a rustic aesthetic.  


Jesus Caylor

Head Instructor

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Jesus is a military brat. He is the second oldest Caylor son and is pursuing blacksmithing as a full time career. He specializes in kitchen knives, polishing blades, sharpening, and sheaths. 


Tobin Nieto

Head Instructor


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Tobin is a volunteer instructor at Reforged. His expertise has helped the program in immeasurable ways to blossom into what it is today. Tobin has over 18 years of blacksmithing experience and specializes in heat treating, quenching, Brut de Forge, and neo tribal knifemaking. Tobin is our mentor and advisor for forging, his guidance has helped us gain many new skills and we are excited to continue moving forward with him. 


MSgt/WG10 Thomas Taylor

Head Instructor

"Handle Tom" is currently serving in the Air Force Reserves as ground support for the C5m. He joined Reforged's team mid 2019 and has been helping teach classes and support Alumni. Tom creates beautifully polished knives with exquisite handles, hence his well earned nickname. Tom and his amazing wife Bridgette regularly help out the program and attend small Alumni events. 


Chad Caylor Jr.


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Chad Jr. is what got the ball rolling for the blacksmithing aspect of our lives. He was drawn to the craftsmanship and therapeutic properties of shaping and creating a one of a kind product from old and neglected materials. He worked on an Alaskan fishing boat over the summer of 2019 to help fund the Reforged program. He is now an Active Duty Marine. Jr. specializes in shaping blades.

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